15 Facebook groups that help HR in a restaurant!

Worldwide HR groups

A page that provides access to a general knowledge base of best practices, trends, and industry news.

Why it is worth reading: learn about news and trends in the western HRM market.

The team is dedicated to making it easier for HR practitioners to have access to the resources, tips, tools, and techniques they need to be successful.

Why it is worth reading: find new resources and tools for work.

Employer Branding group. Here you can chat with colleagues, learn about their experience and industry news.

Why it is worth reading: find out how an employer brand is formed abroad, chat with colleagues.

This group is for HR professionals and job seekers. Here you can find useful tools and tips, as well as the latest news from the HR world.

Why it is worth reading: It is one of the biggest groups for HR specialists. Membership consists of a mix of recruiters, industry influencers, and professionals.

The group is a great place for all kinds of managers, HR professionals, HR students and for the people interested in HR and management.

Why it is worth reading: Human Resource Management is a platform to network with HR friends. Here you can share your experience and knowledge, and find anything about Human Resources.

Here HR managers discuss HR-related topics, jobs, latest trends, current events and develop contacts. They share experiences, ideas and insights with others.

Why it is worth reading: This group was created to improve the contacts and the relationships between HR managers from different countries and boost personal brands of group members.

This group is meant for individuals who have a job in HR, want job opportunities, or network with HR people.

Why it is worth reading: This group serves as an opportunity to help other HR peers find jobs, ask tough questions, and other essential HR topics.

L&D Global group is a worldwide network of Learning and Development Practitioners.

Why it is worth reading: This group gives you access to information about different forums, training programs, webinars, ‘Chat with Expert’ sessions and other learning activities.

The group brings together HR professionals globally. Share updates, articles, job openings, best practices, ask questions and help others.

Why it is worth reading: here you can communicate with the best HR specialists, ask questions and quickly receive answers.

This group is meant for all corporate professionals, HR, Marketing, Finance, Legal, CA’s, CS’s and Corporate Advocates, to interact with each other and share their thoughts.

Why it is worth reading: here you will find lots of opinion leaders in the HR field and will be able to ask them any questions.

Here you get an opportunity to help other HR managers with finding jobs, be able to ask the tough questions, and discuss other essential HR topics.

Why it is worth reading: it’s easy to discuss an HR topic or find a job here, you can address the Discussion Board to write in a question, and someone will help you shortly.

The group presents learning resources like webinars, in-person events, videos, articles, eBooks, and more, this group intends to add as much value and innovative content to the HR community as possible.

Why it is worth reading: here you’re able to get knowledge of recruitment tips, tricks, trends, etc. in a joyful way.

The group gives access to the closed community that consists only of active members in order to constantly communicate and educate.

Why it is worth reading: The Sourcing Method is selective about its members, who are sourcing professionals that post useful content on the daily basis.

USA based Facebook groups

Each member should be in a recruiting-related role to join this group. No vacancies, adverts or promotions are published here.

Why it is worth reading: communicate with HR specialists and discuss rough edges of recruiting here.

#HROS makes it easier to access the resources, tips, tools, and tricks recruiters need to succeed in today’s world of work while hiring and developing the top talents.

Why it is worth reading: practitioners get to know the best experiences of HR professionals from the USA.

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