5 unbreakable rules of the efficient restaurant manager

Why do some managers seem to be natural born leaders, and others are just their discreet shadows?

Why do some people compel just with one word, and others’ shouts are drowning in the overall noise? 

Are there any rules of a successful manager or is it all pure magic?

1. Be an example!

First thing first, be an example yourself! Employees feel even if you don’t say it. Can you expect your staff to be responsible, well-dressed and welcoming, when you’re constantly late, looking sloppy and gossiping about the “weirdos” behind their backs?

Restaurant’s spirit starts with it’s people, and the manager is a main bigwig in this ecosystem. Be fair with the employees and sincerely welcoming to your customers. Show a good example!

Don’t forget about your direct responsibilities. Conduct an audit at your restaurant or staff training, introduce the concept of secret shopping. First thing in the morning, have a meeting with the staff, discuss yesterday’s troubles, wins and loses. Listen to everyone, ready to venture the opinion and give any proposition. Ask about the revenue, sort out guest complaints, and conduct small trainings in order to refresh staff’s knowledge. 

Check on the freshness of the produce, their expiration dates, inspect any write-offs, cut-offs, and new calculation cards. Analyze yesterday’s sales, view the report on discounts, cancellations, and cashless payments.

If there are any inaccuracies or questions, find the way to work it out with the staff. Observe how the team works and feels, what they did right and what they missed. Make comments. Communicate with guests and ask for their feedback.

2. Leave the personal relations aside

Becoming a manager doesn’t equal becoming a god. Don’t forget that you’re in the position primarily to bring the team together, to motivate the staff, to reveal the strengths of every employee and make them feel valued. Never ask for any personal favors during the work time! Employees are your partners, intending to make the place truly amazing, but not slaves! Make every person on your team feel appreciated and significant, and see how prompt they can be!

3. Be the restaurant’s “frontman”

You are not only a manager, but a representative of the restaurant. It’s not all about ads and public relations, customers come and see YOU. Consider that not only customers but also your employees look and hear you, perceiving everything you say even informally, as a joke. You create a restaurant’s image in your team’s head, so who, if not you, would care about a company’s “face”? Have a positive, loving attitude to the place you’re working in, and you’ll see how much more your employees would appreciate the restaurant and value every customer. 

Don’t talk about:

  • what a terrible place this is (if you think is, why would you work here at all?);
  • how you don’t give a damn about anything;
  • how you disagree with this stupid owner (cause you obviously know better how to own a restaurant), but still need to do this job;
  • how you personally would change every little thing around.

Conversations about the topics mentioned above will lead to gossip and rumors in the team. No one will follow your directions anymore, the staff will do whatever comes to their mind, the standards will be forgotten, the revenue will go down, so will the profit. As a result, the business will be shut shortly.

4. Don’t throw words into the wind

Your conversations should match your actions. Think very carefully before making some decision. After its announcement, the decision should not be changed. If you are not sure about something – don’t promise the moon and the stars! Don’t give false hopes to your employees.

There is nothing worse than disappointment. The staff will quickly forget your reasons, but they would remember the feeling of you not being able to fulfill your promise. In the eyes of your subordinates you justly look like a windbag, like a person who is not responsible for his own words.

This can turn from simple discontentment into a great riot on the ship, and you will have to deal with its consequences.

5. Always take care of your appearance

Wear an angry bird tank top and very tight jeans, get long nail extensions, do crazy makeup, and you’ll see how your employees do the same! But you can’t make any comments in this case, your team members will be absolutely right saying that they do the same as their leader does! So don’t be disappointed with them, you’re the example, remember?

In the service industry it’s vital to look good. Customers want to see the beauty, to be drawn into the aesthetically pleasing environment and to be surrounded with well-mannered people and good vibes only. Create an amazing customer experience, and notice your guests coming back all over again!

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