7 best apps to keep your HR manager happy

Let’s not manage your staff in Google Docs! 

Okay, no offense to Google. Their products are amazing. But if you’re a restaurant owner or manager, let’s leave that one to students and copywriters, and allow something more professional to supervise your restaurant.

  •     Mike, how can I get my day off? Feeling sick today.
  • Mike, didn't you approve my vacation request? We’ve been talking about it since last week…
  • Mike, I`ve got my finals this week, so can't do my shifts for two remaining weeks. Please don't forget to cancel my shifts like you did last time…
  • I don’t understand this line on restaurant`s operations, could you explain please?

And more, more, more and more questions every SINGLE day!

You don’t like your HR manager THAT much, so you’d let him go insane? It’s a joke for sure, but don’t be rude, show your care and appreciation with actions! 

Here you will find 7 best apps to drastically improve the work life of your beloved HR manager.

Here you get a visualization of the restaurant’s organizational structure, which is easy to update, and a database of employees. The system keeps track of all the days off and generates a report for each employee on the used and remaining rest days. You can track the progress of employees for a certain period, their distribution by age, and even the layout of employees by teams.

Zoho has quite a versatile functionality. An interesting bonus is the accounting of employees’ visits to various events (conferences, trainings, workshops) with the ability to enter information about the details of the event. There is a separate product for recruiting – Zoho Recruit.

Of the most interesting functions of this product, employee evaluation can be distinguished: the ability to prescribe each employee his goals, collect feedback, keep a record of all conducted and planned surveys. The product has integration with Google Calendar.

The applicant tracking system includes an international recruitment facility (branded career sites, multilingual applications, job board manager and posting, recruiting analytics, referral management, interview scheduling, TALENT pools, etc.). This functional tool is suitable for centralized resource management of restaurant chains with 100+ people.

Product creators focus only on corporate culture and company’s values. There are 3 steps in the product integration process: formalizing the restaurant’s corporate policies, step-by-step instructions for daily presentation of restaurant values to employees, regular use of the culture guide, and training videos with the most common questions and requests with solution examples.

It includes talent acquisition (recruiting, ATS, onboarding), talent development (performance, learning), talent administration (HRMS). Every software has to be purchased as a separate product.

Mr. Tomato collected features of every other app and added even more, making it 3x easier. The simple and gamified experience ensures your onboarding to be informative and easy to remember, your automatized training to excite any newcomer (we promise, they never experienced learning to be that much fun), your scores and leaderboard to track every trainee`s performance, motivating them to get moooore! Have you ever heard of a millennial, craving to learn more? With Mr. Tomato you’ll hear that a lot! Database of employees, effortless scheduling right from the smartphone and photo-tracking of every accomplished task will make your HR breathe quietly and even get that full night’s sleep.


Ready to make this year the best one for your HR so far? Here we go!

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