Control and manage all your chain locations in one place

With the help of the ChainBoss feature you can create all your locations, manage menus, standards, policies, SpotChecker, scheduling and employee training results from one easy to use admin platform.

Multi-location Management

Manage all your locations from one dashboard. You can easily import menus from one restaurant to another. With the help of invitation codes, you can easily organize self-registration processes for all your employees. 

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Business Intelligence Dashboard

There is no need to go through all the pages of the Mr Tomato app trying to find the answers to main questions related to the management of your restaurant – everything is already organized for you in one advanced dashboard!

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AI-based Business Operations Improvements

In the post COVID-19 landscape, restaurants will thrive based on their ability to adapt to new standards of sanitation. This is especially true for chains- with locations around the country constantly closing and re-opening, adaptability is the key to long-term success.

But communicating process improvements across your entire network of chains can be challenging. Policies that are up and running in one location might take months to be implemented elsewhere.

Mr. Tomato’s Chainboss feature allows for rapid and efficient deployment of new process improvements across your entire restaurant chain. It takes advantage of AI technology to convey instructions clearly and efficiently.

Improving operations throughout your entire chain of restaurants used to take weeks of trial and error. Mr. Tomato simplifies the process with advanced AI, so you can get it right the first time.

It’s like being in two places at once. Or two hundred. Chainboss makes large-scale communication seamless.

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Advanced HR On-boarding Processes

This feature will help you to:

  • Organize menu and policy learning processes for any role. Employees will understand the sequence of menu and policies practice sessions, tests, and certifications with due dates
  • Create welcoming induction flow for the employees with description, images, and videos 
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Advanced HR Interview Screening

Save time! This feature will provide HR with the ability to create an interactive interview with custom questions and materials about the company. After completion, the system will check all answers and will provide the candidate score to the HR department.  You just need to provide a mobile phone to potential candidates and not spend hours with them.

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Advanced HR Performance Evaluation Processes

This feature will create an interactive questionnaire based on custom questions for each role in the restaurant. Restaurant managers will compile these questionnaires for restaurant staff and chain HR managers will get instant evaluation test results from managers.

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This feature provides the ability to upload cooking methods by way of a step-by-step instruction process. Each step can contain name, description, images and even videos.

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