Manage the “New Normal” with Advanced Technology Today

Your customers will demand higher sanitation and safety standards than ever before. Mr Tomato enables your restaurant to implement and maintain wellbeing standards that will set your restaurant apart from the pack – don’t get left behind!

InstantServ (Touchless QR Code Menu)

The new menu for the new normal

InstantServ removes the need for physical menus. Customers scan a QR code on their table that allows them to view the menu, call their waiter, or ask for their check at the end of the night. It even allows your customers to see your restaurant’s updated safety practices right from their phones. Removing physical menus means one less item to worry about disinfecting and moving from customer to customer. And right now, that’s more important than ever.

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KatchUP (Powered by Mr. Tomato)

Bring back your favorite customers. And make some new ones, too. It’s time to start putting “normal” back in the “New Normal”.

Delivery apps are impersonal and imprecise. They take away the personality and dining experience that your customers know and love. But what if you could preserve your restaurant’s signature dining experience and still offer the convenience of delivery?

KatchUP is a branded video chat experience that brings your restaurant right to your customers, even while they’re socially distancing at home. Your customers can place their entire delivery order by talking to your restaurant’s wait staff face-to-face.

-No more messed-up orders. Delivery apps lead to messed-up orders, long wait times, and unhappy customers. With KatchUP, you can provide customers the convenience of a delivery app without losing out on quality assurance.

-Reach every potential customer- not just the ones who use delivery apps. CatchUP makes it easier than ever for your repeat customers to get the same service they already love. No more technical difficulties preventing potential sales. It’s delivery without the hassle of delivery.

-Keep your waiters employed. KatchUP works from anywhere- your wait staff can take orders from their own home. Remote work is the future- don’t leave your employees behind.

Forget the complicated registration process. Our secure video chat platform is already compatible with your existing website.

It’s time to KatchUP to the competition. 

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Industry Best Practice Learning

The best way to learn, seriously!

Mr. Tomato is the easiest, most accurate, and most engaging form of restaurant training on the market. It takes your obscure and complicated training documents and turns them into an engaging game. And best of all, it’s easy to set up and integrate into your current operations:

-Simply upload your menus, restaurant standards, and serving rules into the app, and our advanced algorithms take care of the rest

-All your training materials are instantly accessible on your employees’ mobile devices. Mr. Tomato is fully compatible with Android, iOS, and web browsers.

Industry standard testing that’s anything but standard.

Mr. Tomato’s testing is fun and engaging without compromising on quality. It uses advanced AI to automatically generate thousands of questions about your restaurant’s menu and policies.

-Learning isn’t one-size-fits-all. Mr. Tomato provides transparent statistics to indicate how each of your employees are performing. Learn where to invest more and where to scale back. Mr. Tomato makes it easier than ever to streamline your restaurant’s processes.

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Industry Best Practice Testing

Best-in-class measurement of how well your team is learning.

With a simple design and clear arrangement of materials, Mr. Tomato greatly facilitates the process of information assessment and absorption. At any moment, an employee can start a practice mode in which the system itself generates more than 1,000 thematic questions. And the built-in bonus system turns learning into a fun and exciting game.

With the help of advanced tests restaurant staff can confirm their knowledge level of menus, standards and more. In the test settings, a restaurant manager has the ability to manage the testing conditions, for example, time limits for one question or the whole test.

With the certification feature, you can create and customize final periodic employee testing. For example, you can create a series of quarterly certifications for each role of employees: waiters, bartenders, chefs, and more.

Transparent statistics. Important indicators of training are the speed and quality of the materials reviewed + the correct usage of the acquired knowledge. Mr. Tomato opens up new training opportunities for first-rate restaurant employees by introducing detailed and understandable statistics of the training process, accessible from both mobile devices and WEB browsers.

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