Comprehensive training for the Instagram Generation.

The world is changing.

To successfully train your employees, you need to use teaching methods that speak the same language as the technology they use every day. Mr. Tomato takes your traditional training practices and automatically revamps it for the Instagram Generation. Why train your employees with VHS tapes and print-out exams when the device they trust the most is sitting in their pocket?

It’s time to hand off your training to a talking tomato. (Yeah, seriously.)

Mr. Tomato is an original character designed to motivate your staff with fun. He’s a mentor and a friendly face that will stick with your new employees from the first day of orientation to their last day on the job. Mr. Tomato is designed from the ground up to appeal to the demographics that most commonly work in the service industry. He’s on a mission to motivate, train, and inspire restaurant staff around the world to bring their game to the next level.

Just don’t tell him how ketchup is made.

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AI Based Menu Training

You’re a restaurant manager, not a college professor. So why waste valuable time trying to create tests about menu items and ingredients?

With Mr. Tomato, all you have to do is input your menu and ingredient lists. Mr. Tomato uses AI-powered algorithms to take care of the hard stuff – it will automatically generate hundreds of questions about your menu items and ingredients and categorize those questions into easily accessible practice sets. If you’d like, you can create your own questions about the menu, too.

When you’re ready to raise the stakes, Mr. Tomato can also create graded assessments to track your staff’s progress over time. Advanced data collection gets you real, easy-to-read analytics about who’s mastering the menu fastest.

Stop worrying about how well your training is doing and start worrying about where you’re gonna put all that money you save.

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Do you remember how well the waiter greeted you at the last restaurant you visited? Yeah, we don’t either.

In order to create a memorable dining experience, your employees can’t just be “good” at tasks like taking phone reservations and greeting customers. They need to be perfect.

Old-school training methods are as boring as they are ineffective. Having your new staff shadow employees is great…  if your goal is to slow down your most efficient employees by making them explain everything to a new recruit.

Mr. Tomato completely eliminates the need for shadowing. It takes your current training plan and makes it fun and accessible by creating training modules custom to your restaurant’s practices. If you aren’t satisfied with your current training plan, don’t worry. Mr. Tomato has a library of premium training modules and videos – and it’s all included with your subscription.

Or keep your current training plan and pay your employees to mindlessly follow each other around. It’s up to you…

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Some call it training. We call it gaming. (Gamified Learning Experience)

There’s no better motivator in the service industry than friendly competition. So, what if you had the tools to make the training process more competitive and fun?

Mr. Tomato’s entire training process is designed around gamifying the experience. The leaderboards feature turns everything from learning about ingredients to mastering sanitation practices into a fun and educational battleground. Challenge employees to reach the top of the Leaderboard by getting the most correct answers on a practice exam. 

Learn who your most dedicated employees are, and who’s slacking. With detailed analytics, it’s easier than ever to see who’s going the extra mile. You can even create cash incentives or perks based on who’s performing the best. Gamifying the training process will keep your employees engaged and motivated long after orientation ends.

Become the champion of chopping onions… the top dog of toasting creme bruleé… the ruler of the restaurant industry.

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Wine makes everything better.
What if it wasn’t so complicated? (CorkAcademy)

It’s no secret that customers who order wine have significantly higher tabs and tips at the end of the night. And let’s be honest – no matter how good your food is, it’ll taste better after a glass or two.

But wine can be confusing. Your average customer didn’t grow up on a wine vineyard, and they’re probably a little intimidated by all the fancy names on the back of their menu. They might want a nice glass of wine but have no idea what to order. And that’s costing you money.

What if your wait staff could make the wine list a little less confusing? What if every waiter at your restaurant could make the perfect wine recommendation, every time?

Mr. Tomato can turn your wait staff into world-class sommeliers – no matter how big or small your wine selection is. With the premium alcohol pairing feature, your staff will learn from an extensive wine and beer list covering everything you sell in your restaurant.

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Beyond “red and white”: Mr. Tomato doesn’t just educate your employees about the different types of wine you carry in your restaurant. It teaches them how to make the perfect wine pairing recommendation for every item on the menu. With waiters this knowledgeable, your customers can order the perfect glass by simply saying “that sounds good to me”.

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The Full Mr. Tomato Experience:

Mr. Tomato’s alcohol pairing module uses the same technology as the menu and policies training modules. Your staff can learn the difference between Merlot and Cabernet with fun and engaging mobile games.

Save your guests the embarrassment of mispronouncing “Pinot Grigio” in front of their date. With Mr. Tomato’s alcohol pairing feature, ordering wine at your restaurant is even easier than ordering a main course.

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Nothing to Sneeze At! (Allergens Training)

Allergens training is designed for everyone working in the restaurant industry – from the manager through to the food preparation and food service staff – everyone needs to be aware of the risks food allergies pose. It’s also important to be clear on how to identify and manage food allergens and how to respond to enquiries from customers with food allergies. 

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