All Your Restaurant Management in One Place!

Simplify your management processes for improved productivity

Imagine having all your restaurant’s operations visible in a single dashboard – Mr Tomato provides this incredible service! Keep a close eye on your cleaning and sanitation processes, ensure your team knows when they are expected to work and monitor their training – all from the convenience of your mobile phone!

Centralized Scheduling

The entire scheduling process whenever and wherever you need it.

Mr. Tomato puts your restaurant’s schedule into a simple, instantly updated calendar. Managers can log in anywhere, anytime, and make changes to next week’s schedule without sending twelve different texts to update the team.

Similarly, your staff can request shift changes straight through the app. No more last-minute “emergencies” – ensure that you’ll have the right team when you really need them.

With Mr. Tomato, managing the schedules and shifts of everyone in your restaurant has never been easier. Well, unless your “restaurant” is just you selling burgers out of your van. Scheduling that would probably be pretty easy.

Not the only employee at your restaurant?

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Automated Tests

Practice Mode

With a simple design and clear systematization of materials, Mr. Tomato greatly facilitates the process of information perception and assimilation. At any moment, an employee can start a practice mode in which the system itself generates more than 1,000 thematic questions. And the built-in bonus system turns learning into a fun and exciting game.

Test Mode

With this feature, restaurant staff can confirm their knowledge level of menus, standards and more. In the test settings, a restaurant manager has the ability to manage the testing conditions, for example, time limits for one question or the whole test.

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With the certification feature, you can create and customize final periodic employee testing. For example, you can create a series of quarterly certifications for each role of employees: waiters, bartenders, chefs, and more.

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Photo Checklists

Mr. Tomato’s “SpotChecker” feature takes the guesswork out of your employee’s daily routines. Now you can establish in-depth checklists for your employees for everything from cleaning prep areas to locking up at the end of the day.

Trust but verify: No more waking up at 2AM wondering whether an employee cleaned the grill- Mr. Tomato’s checklists feature photo verification, so you can ensure that all tasks have been completed to your satisfaction. Employees simply take pictures of tasks as they complete them, and it all appears right in the app for managers to review. Let’s be honest, what we’re really selling here is a night full of worry-free sleep.

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Sanitation: Times are changing, and restaurants will need a higher standard of cleanliness than ever before to stay in business. Photo Checklists allow restaurant owners and managers to ensure that there isn’t any skimping on disinfecting and cleaning the restaurant regularly.

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Little tasks make a big difference: Review and manage the efficiency of your workplace with in-depth visual reports. See how well and how quickly your employees accomplish different tasks. Mr. Tomato will provide operational data, making it easier than ever to identify the bottlenecks in your restaurant.

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