*** For Restaurant Owners And Managers Only ***

Restuarant Owners: STOP losing $5,864 with every employee!

The #1 Way To Reduce Employee Turnover at Your Restaurant.

  • AI Business Automation
  • Covid-19 Compliance
  • Training
  • Scheduling
  • And Much More!

The average turnover rate in a restaurant of 75% makes you lose approximately $5,864 on every leaving employee! And that was before Covid-19 hit!

Can you feel how many $$$ are gone till this point?

You also lose 56 hours training every new team member.

Do you really have that much free time and money?

If your answer is NO, You need to read this

You can reduce the turnover rate by 60% guaranteed and save thousands of dollars!

Is it magic? No! It’s Mr. Tomato, an AI powered training app for hospitality staff.
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  • No more spending $821 on average to train every newbie
  • Use clear statistics to track the performance of every employee
  • Recognize and reward TOP employees to motivate the team
  • Boost a healthy competition in a team with Leaderboard
  • Be conscious of Hours (no more overworking!)
  • Ease scheduling and statistics
“Great product for restaurants who want to reduce the turnover rate. No need to spend time on shadowing or mentoring.” -Dariya

Do you say it’s hard to deal with Millennials?

Do you think they are:

  • lazy?
  • spoiled?
  • stupid?
  • irresponsible?
  • childlike?
  • unable to hold any knowledge except for their recent ig post?

Millennial generation is not worse, their brain is working totally different! “Clip” thinking and perception of the new information ask for the interactive approach!

You can reduce the turnover rate by 60% guaranteed and save thousands of dollars!

  • Gamification
  • Artificial intelligence algorithms
  • Micro-learning
  • Digitization
  • And much more with Mr. Tomato`s superpowers

You ARE tired of competition. And yeah, the game IS tough. But imagine that:

  • You grow while they sleep
  • You’re playing while they’re training
  • You’re enjoying while they struggle
  • You have peaceful well deserved rest while they stress out still unable control everything
Reduce the time training new people by 80%! Now 20x faster and 3x more effective, and easy to remember

Why are your training techniques ineffective?

You take time from your best workers for shadowing that drastically reduces productivity!

Old school training costs a hell lot!

The employees retain only 50% of the information

Millenials want to learn with their smartphones, not boring papers or even laptop

Poor communication inside the team will kill any perfectly organised training program

You get at all and much more with Mr. Tomato!

Mr. Tomato built a clear and easy to use 3-step system to properly manage your restaurant:

  • Train like a pro Only 20 hours instead of 7 days in a raw Reduce stress Play instead of typing another boring manual Go away from shadowing and taking time from your best employees!
  • Be in a FULL control Use instant messaging to reach any of your employees in secs Check transparent statistics on how well your workers perform Ask to take photos to remotely control the work
  • Increase your restaurant income by 20% and more in a month!

Go ahead of them all. Don’t be better, be the best!

COVID-19 killed 110,000 restaurants during a month in the US alone, could YOU be the next?

Your answer is NO! If you`re reading this

Social distancing can be productive!

We trust in new ways and inventive approaches. In the era of automation everything you need to train the newbie and conduct the restaurant is in your smartphone!

  • Covid19 safety with distant learning
  • Automated testing and certification
  • Smart and effortless scheduling
  • Restaurant operations automation and optimization
  • Gamified and fun learning
  • Efficient networking with instant messaging and newsfeed timeline
  • Technology integrations (POS)

What Clients Are Saying

“Every manager in the industry wants to reduce paperwork for onboarding, training, and management, including me. Mr. Tomato automates literally everything, and it has a friendly design and easy-to-use functions-Alexey
New School Kitchen, Indian cuisine restaurant
“Same way the employees used to play games on their smartphones during the day, they now play Mr. Tomato game. But this time it helps them learn servicing standards and practice their knowledge of the menu.” -Vladimir
Eurasia, Japanese & European cuisine