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The Shocking Cost of Restaurant Staff Turnover

Posted: 1hour ago

Do you know what your turnover is doing to your annual profit?

It’s crushing it.

With the employee turnover rate for the restaurant industry at 75% for the second consecutive year it must feel like you never have time to do what you’re good at; running a restaurant!

Not only is staff turnover time consuming, stressful and more than likely to cause you to work every day of the week, it is also expensive.

The estimated turnover for regular line employees is closer to 110%. By doing some simple math, that level of turnover will cost the average full service restaurant operator $146,600 annually

What is the real cost of turnover in your restaurant?

Even if you defy the national average, it’s still a staggering amount and on average it’s costing restaurants close to $150K annually.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of profit. If you told me I could add $35,000 to my bottom line, my first question would be how?

Meet Mr. Tomato!

Mr. Tomato, is an AI powered app to help manage your staff and your restuarant saving you time and money.

  • No more spending $821 on average to train every newbie
  • Use clear statistics to track the performance of every employee
  • Recognize and reward TOP employees to motivate the team
  • Boost a healthy competition in a team with Leaderboard
  • Be conscious of Hours (no more overworking!)
  • Ease scheduling and statistics
  • Manage menus
“Great product for restaurants who want to reduce the turnover rate. No need to spend time on shadowing or mentoring.” -Dariya

How Your Competition Reduces Staff Turnover

Here are a couple things you should consider if you want to retain your employees and improve your bottom line…


There is no doubt that employee training has been an increasing priority in recent years.

In a 2019 LinkedIn survey, 94% of employees indicated that they would stay at a company longer if it invested in helping them learn.


Given that this survey was taken before the COVID-19 pandemic and that it focused on job-related training, a question arises: What, if any, changes in training should employers undertake now?

Mr. Tomato provides an innovative approach to learning:

  • Gamification
  • Artificial intelligence algorithms
  • Micro-learning
  • Digitization
  • And much more


A one-way line of communication from managers to staff is a recipe for low employee satisfaction. Employees feel valued when they feel like their voices are heard. Show that you care about your employees by addressing their concerns.

Mr. Tomato’s chat system provides managers with a unique platform to directly advise staff of any updates, events, new appointments, customer feedback and keep the conversations active.

What Clients Are Saying

“Every manager in the industry wants to reduce paperwork for onboarding, training, and management, including me. Mr. Tomato automates literally everything, and it has a friendly design and easy-to-use functions-Alexey
New School Kitchen, Indian cuisine restaurant
“Same way the employees used to play games on their smartphones during the day, they now play Mr. Tomato game. But this time it helps them learn servicing standards and practice their knowledge of the menu.” -Vladimir
Eurasia, Japanese & European cuisine