Training isn’t optional anymore.

The world is changing. There’s no avoiding it – higher standards for sanitation and social distancing practices are here to stay. When your restaurant reopens to the public, you’ll probably have fewer tables, new standards for cleanliness and a different menu. You’ll need to retrain your current employees with a higher standard of diligence than ever before and the tools to quickly bring new employees up to speed.

Following the current public health crisis, your patrons will demand better sanitation and food service practices. Restaurants that comply will be seen as safe, and restaurants that don’t will be seen as unsafe. The stakes are simply too high to trust an outdated training program. “Riding out the storm” isn’t an option.

Mr. Tomato is the fastest way to prepare for and thrive in a world where restaurants are held to higher standards than ever before. Mr Tomato has been designed to enable you to embrace advanced technology to prepare your restaurant for the “New Normal”.

Coronavirus has changed the world. Don’t let your restaurant get left behind.

Take care, and stay safe,

The Mr. Tomato Team

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