A restaurant is only
as good as its people.

With AI-powered, gamified training for the modern restaurant, you can inspire your employees to create the best customer experience for today.

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We’ll get through
Covid-19 together

Discover key features of Mr. Tomato app that helps restaurants adapt to the “New Normal”.

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AI-powered, gamified training for the modern restaurant.

Get ready for the
New Normal

The world is changing – restaurants are being held to higher standards than ever before. It’s never been more important to deliver a perfect dining experience. With the right training, your wait staff, back of house staff, and chefs can all speak the same language – a unified front, all precisely honed to make this happen.

Connect with the Instagram Generation

A social network just for you and your employees. (That means no posts from your mother-in-law). An online home for all those group texts, spreadsheets and dry-erase boards. Mr. Tomato helps keep everything in one place.

Fun, Fun and more Fun

Old ways of training, like long exams and monotonous videos, seem ridiculous in a post-instagram world. To reach the next generation of wait staff, you need to train them with the same tools that they use every day.

Mr. Tomato Makes Everyone's Life Easier

For Chains

Training is expensive and time consuming, and research tells us that employees only retain 50% of what they are taught. Mr. Tomato changes all that – it uses advanced technology to make your training program more effective, engaging, and fun. It’s the key to preparing your restaurant for the “New Normal”.

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For Franchise

Make your job easier and revolutionize the speed and quality of your training process. Get the data you need to streamline day-to-day operations at your restaurant.

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For Independents

Ensuring that your customers have a great experience is at the top of your list. Mr. Tomato ensures that your wait staff deliver exceptional service through innovative training and has applications for every other job in your restaurant. From front of house to hygiene in the cool room, Mr Tomato makes it easy to set standards for training and monitoring.

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A branded video chat experience


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Customer focused QR Menu and service access

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Covid-19 compliant sanitisation checker


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Policies Training

Customer focused QR menu and service access

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Menu Training

Educate staff in your menu and ingredients


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An online notice board for all your updates


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Your weekly roster, accessible any time anywhere

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The modern way to master the drink menu


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Indian cuisine restaurant

“Every manager in the industry wants to reduce paperwork for onboarding, training, and management, including me. Mr. Tomato automates literally everything, and it has a friendly design and easy-to-use functions.”
Alexey, New School Kitchen

Salads chain

“Great product for restaurants who want to reduce the turnover rate. No need to spend time on shadowing or mentoring.”
Dariya, Salateira

Pizza chain

Before we were using so many papers and archives and wasting so much time & effort to train and check staff. With the help of the Mr. Tomato app, we cut almost all our paperwork and made training more easy, fun, and fast!
Ludmila, Ilmolino

BBQ chain

"Mr. Tomato helped simplify the training process and reduced paperwork by 80%.”
Alina, Shashlykyan

Pizza chain

"Mr. Tomato makes it possible to communicate proactively and fast with all people in the chain, and it makes it possible for employees to build closer relationships with managers.”
Diana, Ilmolino

Invest in the Future

Set your restaurant up for success with modern tools that are proven to work.