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We understand that your main goal is to train your staff and we’re there to help !!
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What does Mr. Tomato do?

Mr. Tomato is the most comprehensive single learning and analytics platform. All you need is to download all the information about your restaurant (menu and standards) in the system and our AI system will generate questions for tests and other purposes like certification or exams for your employees. Mr. Tomato is an all in one educational, motivation, analytical and management tool.

How to start with Mr. Tomato?

It’s very easy. You can start with a free trial period to test all the functionality and see how it changes the performance of your business right away. The test period is 30 days for independents and small chains (for big chains it’s 60 days). During this time we will help you to learn how to use the system, you will have access to all features and also video tutorial. Your can also contact us 24/7 with any questions or issues you might face when using Mr. Tomato app

What types of restaurant Mr. Tomato for?

Mr. Tomato is software for restaurants and businesses who would like to grow and make their day to day processes more efficient. It’s designed to fit restaurants and chains of all sizes. Independents, franchises, and any kind of chain use Mr. Tomato in different ways. But all of them experience a drastic improvement in their performance over a fairly short period of time.

What makes Mr. Tomato different from other LMS?
  • – Mr. Tomato was specially created and designed for Generation next (Generation next) or millennials. It’s extremely easy to start using the application, like your own social media page.
  • – Mr. Tomato is AI-driven application, all you need is to download information and the system will do the work.
  • – Mr. Tomato combines more then 7 functions and will take over all routine from the manager.
  • – Mr. Tomato keeps being developed. We add more functionality, we fix issues, improve performance, and listen to the feedback of our clients to improve the app even more.
How Mr. Tomato integrates with other systems as POS or CRM?

Mr. Tomato is very easy to integrate with any system. Check here theIntegrations we already have. In case you need any specific integration just contact us and we will integrate almost anything for you!

How is Mr. Tomato priced?

Mr. Tomato is priced per location no matter how many staff you have. If there are more than 10 locations in your chain we can give you a special price. Schedule a meeting with us to discuss special offer for your business.